About Me

Hello, I’m Rochelle Koch (“cook”), a lifestyle photographer based in Orange County. I am a full time wife and mommy to 2 little ones. I’m mildly obsessed with movies, food and wheezy laugh attacks. Before my pursuit in photography, I earned my Master’s in Social Work and had a diverse work experience. I always loved working with people and hearing their stories. My favorite thing to do was to take photos and create videos for the children and families I had the privilege to work with. When my husband, Johnny, and I had our first baby, we constantly took photos. As time passed, friends asked us to take their portraits. I realized that I took so much joy from documenting the journey of others through photography. With the encouragement (and loads of help) from my awesome husband and friends, Eden K Photography began.

Why Eden K?

In 2015, Johnny and I lost a baby through miscarriage. We named the baby Eden. I wanted to name this endeavor after Eden, the baby we never got to hold. In many ways, Eden K Photography is a growing baby to our family.