I’m sure I can dedicate several posts to this couple. Chris and Linda are very dear to us; my daughter especially adores them. Chris and Linda are loving, generous and such fun to be with.  I’ve known Linda since I was a freshman in high school. She is truly a master of all trades; there is nothing she can’t do. She is a loyal friend and can be brutally honest (which I love). I was honored to have Linda stand by me at my wedding. Then a few years later, literally my WHOLE family was a part of their wedding.

Chris and Linda had two ceremonies to celebrate their marriage (not too common, but extremely awesome).  As a result they had multiple engagement shoots. The following are photos that my hubby, Johnny took of the couple.

The engagement shoot took place way before Eden K.  The video is a teaser for the shoot. At the time, Johnny and I were goofing around with the idea of building a biz and calling it “Weekend Warriors.” I shot the video without extra equipment and it is, obviously, handheld. Let’s just pretend its stylized and adds to the charm. haha. The song is Everybody by Ingrid Michaelson.

True story…remember when I mentioned that the couple had two ceremonies? Well in March, Chris and Linda had a beautiful Vietnamese and Catholic celebration.  In preparation for the celebration, the couple wanted to print portraits of themselves in their traditional Vietnamese gowns as well as their bridal wear.  So while it may look like a wedding shoot, it’s still an engagement one.  Some events occurred with their original photographer that led them to ask me to take their portraits asap…because if you’re all dolled up, you can’t wait! We had to shoot on the spot and made the most of using our yard as a backdrop.