Ellena is a dear sweet friend who loves her man and boys…and in a few weeks a little girl is going to join the family. It is oh so exciting! As a mama to a baby (toddler) girl, they really are filled with sugar and spice. Baby Lilia will be adored by all, especially by the boys in her family. I predict a daddy’s girl is in the making as well. I had so much fun with Ellena, Armando and their little men in El Dorado Park.  It was a workout keeping up with boys. Ellena and Armando, you guys are my heros! Here are some of my favorite shots from their session.

two portraits; one of a pregnant woman smiling, the other of the same woman with her husband smiling at their toddler son.
portrait of pregnant mom smiling at her belly
candid photo of mother, father and two toddler boys laughing
portrait of pregnant mom laughing with her toddler son
two portraits of mother, father and two toddler sons. One smiling at camera, the other is a candid of parents holding the boys upside down
portrait of pregnant mom kneeling and smiling with her toddler son
pregnant mom kneeling and kissing her son
portrait of husband kissing his pregnant wife under a tree.
two portraits, one of husband kissing pregnant wife on forehead, the other of the same couple sitting and holding each other
shadow of husband and pregnant wife kissing on top of a hill
shadow of pregnant woman smiling at her belly with sunset behind her