Natalie, Nancy and Liz wanted to do something special for their mother, Martha.  Martha’s birthday was actually just over the weekend.  I was told that it has been years since the family had their portraits done.  So the sisters planned a surprise photo shoot for Martha in Heartwell Park in Long Beach, CA.  How awesome and sweet is that?!  It actually rained earlier the day of the shoot, but the family was eager to keep the session even if they had to be in wet grass.  Thanks ladies!  Martha has five beautiful grandbabies and you can tell she adores each one.  The family was such an easy going, loving, up for anything group.  At one point, Martha even kicked off her shoes so she could go down the slide and play with her grandbabes!  It made it super easy to photograph them, especially with their gorgeous smiles.  Here are some of my favorites from the shoot.

Also if you recognize a few faces, its because I shot Natalie’s maternity photos. You can view those here.

portrait of mother and three adult daughters standing together at the park
family portrait of mother with her three daughters and five grandchildren standing on a bridge
two images. one of mother standing holding her baby next to her toddler girl. another of a large family embracing with their backs facing the photographer
black and white image of mother holding her toddler boy
portrait of four grandchildren sitting on a bridge
two images on of a large family smiling standing on a bridge. the other of a grandmother holding her baby grandaughter next to her face
black and white image of grandaughter kissing her grandmother on the cheek
photo of toddler girls hands holding up a pile of leaves.
two images on of mother with her three daughters the other with mother, three daughters and five grandchilren
two images, one of girl playing on a rocker at a playground the other of grandmother pushing her grandson on a swing