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What should we wear?

It’s the most common thing to ask, so I’ve put together some tips for you. My style of shooting is light, bright and full of love and joy. If that speaks to you, then I’d recommend the following pro tips. I want you to be as stress free as possible when taking your photos. So if you get anything from my lengthy (sorry) guide, make sure to wear something you feel great in! We always want you to feel at your best during your session. 

Orange County Portrait Photographer, style guide

◦ Be extra! This is the time to dress it up! While we don’t recommend wearing jeans or shorts, we want you to feel comfortable and confident throughout your session.

◦ Choose a color palette. Avoid being too “matchy-matchy” (wearing all white or all black). We recommend lighter or neutral tones with pops of muted shades. Choose colors that compliment one another.  Having a palette of 2-3 different colors will keep everyone cohesive. Blush tones, sage greens and sandy neutrals work great together for example.

◦ Focus on coordinating your colors by pieces like Dad’s brown sweater with daughter’s brown shoes.

◦ Flatter your silhouette! We all have insecurities about particular parts of our bodies; be sure your outfit does not bring attention to them.  For example, if you’re conscious about your arms, consider wearing 3/4 sleeves or layer a cardigan or jacket.

◦ Wear pieces you feel comfortable to move in. We love flowy dresses and skirts. Bring flats for anyone wearing heels when moving place to place.

OC Photography style guide

◦ Pair accessories with your outfit. Jewelry, floppy hats, flower crowns, etc can make all the difference. Dressy (comfortable) closed toe shoes for men especially. Beach sessions are an exception.

◦ Be careful with patterns. Textured fabrics and small patterns are fine. Avoid large, bold plaids and designs that can be distracting from your face. Also avoid having everyone in different patterns. Less is more!

◦ Professional hair and makeup can take some stress away and give an extra boost of confidence.

◦ Not a styled tip, but definitely still a pro tip. If you have little ones, prepare them as much as possible. I’d suggest a good nap beforehand. Snacks and rewards also come in handy. Bring a stroller for the little one to take a break in. 

◦ Props! If you have any items to showcase you and/or your family bring them along. Bring anything you’d love to incorporate; a bouquet of flowers, picnic basket, special toys, coffee, comics, etc. We will photograph them in a fun way.


Hope this was helpful!
As always, don’t hesitate to contact us with any of your own ideas or questions. We can’t wait to shoot your session!

Orange County Wedding Portrait Photographer